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Fun to do with your dog, great hobby, lucrative as well....

          This manual is 21 pages, detailed step by step instruction including:

                    Discussion of the ideal dog

                    How to Motivate

                    Description of the Tools needed to accomplish your training

                    How to start your dog on the unique formula for successful training 

                         Start to finish instructions on each step of the training

   Since I was asked to do the 2006 Demonstration for the North American Truffle Society first Truffle Dog Seminar I have been contacted by hundreds of people interested in training their dogs. Unfortunately only a small percentage live near enough to travel to Trifecta to train. I have had many request for a written guide for this unique training. HERE it is ...finally... in print.

What the manual is, is a no nonsense step by step teaching tool. In this case for…. You…. to train your dog to do complex scent work. What this manual is not, is, it is not a lot of fluff pieces on truffle hunting. It doesn’t tell you where to go to find truffles. It does not talk about cooking and recipe’s. I leave that to other types of professionals. I am a dog trainer period. This manual deals with dog training period.

 See  Excerpts From Manual Below:    

   " When I pick dogs to do anything other than wonderful pets I pick the most obnoxious in the litter. They are the busy ones, the ones that are always getting into trouble. So they are high energy, bold and eager to learn. All you have to do is channel the energy into the task you want. This is why a lot of competition trainers go to the pound and pick out a puppy that is “too much dog”  “too high energy” etc. to be a good pet. Having said what makes a good working dog you must accept the responsibility of keeping this dog exercised and out of trouble during the off season."

   "Now it is time to test your readiness to move outside. There are going to be many many more distractions outside.  .........other minor distractions and then ask the dog to do the same search as above. Again if you have problems at this level go back a level and make sure the dog is really really into searching and appreciating working for you; AND, you are upbeat and positive. If you had trouble at this level and had to go back, when you try the level again. make it easier."

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