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Jean and Breeze

New Champion

Ch Fowlplay's Following Sea

Finishing With Three Majors

 Jean started training Breeze when she was only a few months old.
Jean accomplished virtually all of Breeze's points as an owner handler, proving hard work pays off.
Breeze is now competing in agility. 

"Thank you for all your wonderful teaching. We could not have done it without you!" Jean T

About Pat Russell Trainer

 I was raised with dogs as part of our family.. Both family pets and hunting dogs. I have been training dogs for competition since 1981.  My degree from the University of Oregon is in Psychology with minors in behavior & education. I have been working with families & their dogs since 1986. I routinely attend workshops and seminars on new training techniques. However, nothing competes with experience. Some of my clients come to me because of dog aggression. I suppose because of my own love of a breed that does have aggression as part of its makeup.

Check out this video and see how my pack gets along. In the video you will see several bitches some have not been spayed. Also you will see two males that are in tact. I am one of a handful of boxer people that can say they run males and females together without aggression.

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I have given seminars to the North American Truffle Society and Oregon Boxer Club as well as the Portland Octoberfest.

   Many of my clients own dogs belonging to the Working Group (Akita's, Rottweilers, Alaskan Malamutes, Siberians, Newfoundland's, Danes and Mastiffs. Also dogs belong to the Hound Group and to the Non Sporting Group like Chows, Bulldogs, Shar Pei and to the terrier family including Pit Bulls. These dogs can be a challenge to train. Not because they are stupid but because they are very smart. BUT, they have been bred to work alone and use their intelligence to serve themselves. They can be quite independent, willfull and stubborn. I enjoy these free thinkers very much. Many trainers do not specialize in training these difficult breeds and some trainers don't understand them. Aggression is often a part of their overall personality. You do not have to live with it; but, it takes a certain methodology to deal with it.


  above: Mascots

Oly, Bru and Tundra sleep in my office at a retail store I owned for many years.

In additon to my extensive experience working with people and difficult dogs, I am a boxer breeder, trainer and handler. The boxer breed has taught me a great deal about training intelligent, adorably stubborn dogs. Training that goes beyond just manners. Training that asked the dog to perform and to perform in front of tremendous distractions. Having put advanced obedience titles on several boxers and having competed successfully for over 20 years gives me a great deal more experience than the average dog trainer. Especially since the breed I have competed with is a very challenging breed. Additionally I have raised and trained hundreds of puppies. Some going on to service work and many competing for titles. There is a link to my Kennel page at the bottom of this page. 

What better recommendation for a dog trainer than the list below. The CD title and The CDX title are advanced obedience titles earned at AKC shows under multiple judges. The Ch is conformation champion of record AKC.

Dogs  carrying the Trifecta Kennel name were also bred here at Trifecta.

Kona Winds of California CD, CDX

Summit View's NW Elegance, CD, CDX

Dornlea's Solar Showdown, CD, CDX

Ch Dornlea's Northern Eclipse

Ch Glennroe Cosmic All Star

Karmel's Wildflower CGC

Ch Dornlea's Daring Damsel

Ch Trifecta's Allegiance

Ch Trifecta's Alouette

Ch Ellen's Alley Free Fall

Ch Trifecta's Touch Gold, SOM

Ch Trifecta's Winning Colors

Ch Na Aran Heart Acres O'Burk's

Ch Trifecta's Private Gold Dornlea

IABCA Ch Trifectta's De Ja Vue




(located 15 minutes west of Eugene)

Training continues through the day and evening... please leave a message if your call is referred to the message machine.



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