Our focus is helping people train their dogs.

This includes ALL breeds.

The training sessions  offered are:

  • Private one on one.
  • In your home or our facility

 Training is in many different aspects of pet/companion dog obedience as well as competition. When you train and use good leadership you develop an even greater bond with your dog. Seeing is Believing. 

A dog can be a positive force in the family. And, both dog and owners can enjoy each other. This is the goal of training. And, training can and should be fun. The positive results from training your dog are immeasurable.

Communication is the first step in teaching. Often once dog and owner are communicating successfully they are on their way to a much better relationship and training success in all different aspects of their lives together.One important feature of communication is to convey leadership. Often we need to work with multiple dogs in the family to get things going in the right direction. No extra charge for additional dogs or family members.
(L to R Tiger, Theo, Barclay, Dusty (parents of Tiger and Theo,)Jedi, Punk, & Elsa.)



Puppies can start to learn from a very very young age. They learn things a little differently. When you start training a puppy young (8-10 weeks) using lots of positive methods. The puppy learns to pay attention, to cooperate, to respect and to enjoy training with their owners.Occasinally I breed a litter of puppies. My last litter I started an experiment training them as soon as they started eating solid food. It was an amazing success. Because I am involved in all phases of dog breeding, whelping and raising puppies I can explore many new and very sucessful methods of training. I also assist with rescue and my last rescue was trained to do scent work as well as gaining some much needed manners before he went to his new home.        

(Breezy, pictured at right with Jennifer, went through her first and only obedience training before she was a year old.) 



Dogs are never too old to learn. However, as they age they become set in their ways. Retraining, replacing a bad behavior with one more acceptable, takes much longer than it would have, had the correct behavior been taught in the first place. Nevertheless it can be trained.



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