Dog training is an individual thing. Each individual wants their dog to know different things. Each dog and owner are different, learn at different rates, comprehend dog training concepts at different levels, have their own schedules and busy lives.

              People who train with me can choose the behaviors they want for their dog. They choose the times to train and the amount and frequency of their training sessions.      




     Coty hugs Cosmo,

          Coty and Family visit after a dog show.



My sessions are private in a quiet setting with no distractions. The best way to train a dog. Dogs cannot learn if they are distracted. Once the teaching phase is complete then is the time to add distractions. A dog is not completely trained until it can do all the behaviors with the maximum amount of distractions.
Leadership is the best way to start a great relationship with your dog. If you have a new rescue start with a controlled walk immediately. This gives the dog a sense of who he belongs to. Dogs need rules it makes them feel intelligent to know and obey the rules especially when they get praised for it as well.I like to communicate with dogs the way they communicate with each other. You would be amazed at how well they GET IT.


   The only absolute in my training is the dog must get praise for doing the correct behavior or for exhibiting the appropriate behavior. The most important thing is the dog learns how to be right.


We are happy to respond to questions

via telephone 541-935-0112

(located 20 minutes west of Eugene)

Training continues through the day and evening... please leave a message if your call is referred to the message machine.