Ch Glennroe Cosmic All Star


01.16.94 - 08.25.03



All boxers are special to each one of us allowed to share time with them. I wonít be so presumptuous as to say that he was any more special than any of the others. What I am thankful for is that he left a legacy for me to watch and remember. I had had boxers all my life prior to Barclay. But, I had never had a litter of puppies. I had never felt that the ones I had were the ones that needed to carry on the great tradition of the breed. Barclay was the one I chose to be my foundation sire. I chose him for his wonderful temperament, for his good health and the longevity of his fore fathers, for his great attitude and showmanship, for his sensitivity and for his quality as a specimen of the breed. He never let us down.

    Barclay and I had many a conversation during the decade we were together. He and I were together through some very lonely times. But, he was always there. He was always steady. If frustration got the better of me he would remind me "to get a grip." He made me laugh and he caught my tears. He was far from perfect. Some of his escapades almost drove me around the bend. Because of Barclay Trifecta is what it is today.  It continues to amaze me that the kennel name Trifecta is so well recognized by so many.  The credit for all of it goes to Barclay.


   It always warms my heart and makes me tear, when I hear of another of his get, who have carried on his great tradition. Whether as a wonderful companion, a successful show dog, a hard working performance dog or his very special therapy dogs. It is then I know that I chose the right one. And I remember how much I miss him. I miss my confidant and my comic relief. I could write reams about him but as I said, each one of our boxers is special to those they love.

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Above left Barclay and his daughter Tiger Lilly win together

(Tiger was one of his most successful puppies. Ch Trifecta's Allouette)

      Above right Tiger and brother Theo (Ch Trifecta's Allegiance) on the table. Barclay on the left, Dusty (dam of Theo and Tiger) Jedi, Punk (mother of two more Barclay champions, Lola and Derby) and Elsa.

    He was a very arrogant dog. He was very very funny. He loved fuzzy toys. He loved food. He wanted things when he wanted them. If he didnít get them during his chosen time frame, he let every one know he wasnít happy. He did enormously funny things in and out of the show ring. He was always fun to show because he loved it so much.


Below is a picture of he and I practicing for his last show. I could have skipped the practice for all the good it did. He was shown as a veteran that day. He didnít win. He was having too much fun to take it seriously. And, I was laughing so hard I could hardly make it around the ring. We had fun that day, and that was more important than winning.  He was seven years old, a champion and a producer of champions. He had nothing left to prove.


Good night my sweet fuzz guy.

Until we meet again.


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