Above Patricia Russell & Inky
(a one week old boxer puppy)
Trifecta's Rhyme n Reason.

Inky was a single puppy and very lonely. So she spent a lot of time on my shoulder or in my lap. At four weeks Inca started playing with her Aunts, Uncles and half sisters. She grew up fast. All the other dogs treated her with great care so she had lots of playmates.

I have had Boxers all my life with the exception of some college & travel years.

I started doing competitive obedience in 1986 and some serious conformation in 1990 with my first Champion, Merlin, Ch Dornlea's Northern Eclipse. 

Since that time I have been doing all breed dog training. And, with limited breeding I have bred four champions and finished a total of ten Boxer conformation champions. Several Trifecta dogs are doing Therapy work. This is important work and makes me very proud. Currently I have a puppy I trained specifically for therapy work. She showed great apptitude for it right from the time I started training the litter (4weeks.)She is working in Hawaii as a hearing service dog.

I am a member of Oregon Boxer Club (past Vice President and board member)and a member of the American Boxer Club.  I am past regional board of directors to the American Boxer Club and the author and past chairman of the Top Performance Dog Award Committee.

I breed occasionally, only when I am ready for another show hopeful. I am a professional trainer and that is my love.  Training young dogs is really a lot of fun.   It is very rewarding to watch them enter the show or performance ring eagerly and with confidence. If they do not go on to become successful show or performance dogs (not all can) the very least they are, is well mannered enjoyable pets and companions. In any carefully bred litter, where there may be a show prospect, there are almost always some very very nice puppies. Puppies who, for whatever miniscule reason, won't be able to be show dogs.  These puppies are sold to loving approved homes and get to be wonderful companion dogs all their life. I now have three boxers I have trained actively working in therapy. I hope to focus more on training therapy dogs. It is extremely rewarding to see how these dogs improve the lives of the people they work with. Funding is a huge concern for my project and I am hoping to find some so that I can continue and expand my work.

Boxers are comedians and mine give me endless laughter. We always endeavor to enjoy whatever we do together. My dogs provide me with lots of material for my writing and photography. I have written several humorous training articles for dog magazines. During college I was inducted into the journalism honor sorority at Oregon State, for my work on the newspaper. I have been writing for newspapers and magazines for many years. I have won awards and published my photos as well. As a dog trainer and handler for twenty years I have integrated my love of dogs, writing and photography. I have written a children's book entitled "Me Too," about a boxer puppy. I am currently hoping to get "Me Too" Published. I am also working on training articles and a training manual. My informational pages and a sample story are included in this web site. (See links below)

The Trifecta Boxer's web site is designed to help educate people about the responsibilities and headaches of buying a puppy, training and owning a dog. And; to, encourage people to give careful consideration to the breed of dog that is appropriate for them.

My Credentials
Above a link to a brief explanation (with picutes) of my beginning as a trainer and the dogs that came before I found the ones I wanted to breed.
My performance dogs were extremely successful and frequently placed, won or scored very high, in the challenging tests to attain their titles.
They taught me how to train, problem solve and work with a independent, willful breed. I have used my psychology degree to help me, not only work with the dogs, but work with the families I teach...training all breeds of dogs. Please see January issue of Popular Dog for interview on training and working with Boxers

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Boxer Illustrated Standard
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courtesy of ABC website
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For years I have received email from heart broken people who have lost their beloved boxers. As a breeder I have tried to pay close attention to health issues. I have been able to derive some insights to health issues. For many years I was encouraged to make these insights available to everyone. Of course all who buy a puppy or dog from me get all this information. So the link below is designed to relay some of those insights. These are insights. Based on experience and knowledge gleaned from friends as well as my own boxers who have passed on. They are not based on scientific research, as I am far from a scientist.

[ Boxer Health ]

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