Below is an application form. I really perfer to talk with people about Boxers. However I cannot keep people straight anymore and this application seems to make it easier for me. Some of the questions may seem to be a little in depth. I have, what I feel, are good reasons for asking these questions. When I place a puppy I am as careful as if I were placing a child.
Please do not hesitate to follow up your application with a phone call 541-935-0112.
I do respond to every application I receive.
If you do not get a response from me then I didn't receive the application.

It is easiest if you copy and paste this application form into your email.Or copy it to your word program and then fill it out and send it either as a doc. or copy it into your email. I'm sorry for the hassle but I am not yet computer literate enough to make it a sendable document straight from the internet.

1.     How Did You Hear About Trifecta Boxers?                                                       Updated 04.2005

2.     Why are you purchasing a dog? Pet, Show, Performance Competition, Breeding, Other_________

3.     Do you prefer a puppy or adult?

4.     Do you have a color preference? ____________

5.     Do you have a sex preference?_______________

6.     Do you have other pets?  (Include other Dogs) Explain in detail_______________________________________

7.     If you have other dogs are they spayed or neutered as appropriate?

8.     Have you ever had a Boxer?_____How Long?_______How old wetre you when you had the boxer._____

9.     Why Do you Want A Boxer?  


10. Have you researched the Boxer breed? 

11. PLEASE READ my articles on boxers specifically the “Do You Really Want to Buy A Boxer” & Costs. My web page is 
Many routine questions are answered in the articles I have prepared for those of you interested in boxers and specifically a puppy or adult from my line.

12.  Relationship status i.e. single, married, significant other live in, _________________

13.  Children? ages?


14.  Are all parties who will be involved in the day to day activities of the dog in agreement about getting a boxer?______Please list their sex, age and relationship.

15.  Are you planning on having a/another child in the next two years?

16.  Living arrangements? Single family dwelling, apartment, duplex?


17.  Do you own or rent?

18. What kind of exercise area will the dog have? Please be very specific as to type of fencing, size of area, etc.


19. What are you hobbies and activities?


20.  Do you have any interest in showing a dog either in conformation or performance like agility or obedience? If yes please elaborate.


21. Employment? If more than one party involved include both.


22. How often will the dog be left alone and for how long?

23.  Where would the dog be when you are at home?


24. Where would the dog sleep?


25. Where will the dog stay when you are  NOT at home?


26.Do you intend to purchase or do you all ready have a crate for this dog?

27.Are you willing to attend formal training classes or private classes with this dog? (Even if it is all ready partially trained)

28.Are you aware of the expenses involved in caring for a dog? Vaccinations, check ups, training. Toys and Food. Repairs to chewed chairs. Replacement of shoes. Carpet cleaning. New landscaping.

29.Are you prepared to devote considerable time to house training this dog?

30. Do You have a veterinarian? Name and telephone number_____________________________________________

31. Are you willing to spay or neuter this dog as/if arranged with the seller?

32.     Do you have any physical limitations?  (Dealing with a young active boxer can be challenging).... Explain in detail______________________________

33. Would you agree to a home check?

34.If you do not live in Oregon, please provide two references with telephone number. It is helpful if you can provide pictures of the living environment and exercise area.


35.Do you still want to purchase a dog under the provisions indicated by the breeder/seller?____

36.Please give your age? ______
Are you living with relatives please elaborate?


37.  Are you willing to travel to Trifecta to meet/pick up your puppy or dog.

38.Please give your Name ..…..…..…..…..…....Address..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..….

Telephone number_____________       _____________________________________

Email address_____________________


Do you understand there are some health guarantees that accompany this dog? However even though the breeder assures the parents are free from any health problems or genetic defect, dogs are a product of their ancestors as well. White puppies do not have health guarantees. However they are a product of the same ancestors as the colored puppies. The careful breeding is the same.

  Dogs like children get sick, injured and develop illnesses like cancer, eye ulcers, etc. Are you prepared to provide appropriate medical care for these problems if they should occur? God willing they will not.??_______________

   As you can see from the questions there are costs involved in adopting a puppy or adult. It is important that you have funds for the initial cost and subsequent costs as well. I appreciate your contacting and researching reputable breeders. We will, however, be more expensive. Our breedings are generally well planned and from quality parents. Parents who are bred to compliment each other not just because they are convenient. I have prepared a page discussing costs. It is very straight forward. What it may not say is buying a cheaper puppy or dog can often cost more than a quality one when all is said and done. And, the association with a long time reputable breeder is “priceless.” Puppies and dogs I place all go to their new homes with extensive pages of instructions to answer every question and my availability for the life of the dog to answer questions.

I always respond to every application I receive. If you have sent the application back via email and you have not heard from me then it is very likely I didn’t receive it. Please do not hesitate to call or write again.


Trifecta Boxers..….Pat Russell..…....541-935-0112