Barclay's Pedigree

D.O.B. January 16th, 1994

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
AM/CN CH Josha's Linebacker CD, SOM, LOM, CGC
AM/CN CH Golden Haze Tuxedo SOM, LOM AM CH Marquam Hill's Traper of Turo SOM, LOM AM/CN/BDA CH Mephisto's Vendetta SOM, LOM
AM CH Turo's Whisper of Five T's DOM
CN CH Golden Haze Stole The Ring AM/CN CH Verwood's Thief In The Night CSOM
AM/CN CH Moss Wood's Zippity Do Da CDOM
Turo's Cameo of Campisi AM CH Turo's Empire SOM AM CH Marquam Hill's Traper of Turo SOM, LOM
AM CH Turo's Touche DOM
Sunscape's Shadow Sunscape's Apropos
AM CH Carlon's Angelique
AM CH Glennroe Amaretto
AM CH Tall Oak's Desert Dazzler SOM AM CH Wagner's Wilverday Famous Amos SOM, LOM AM CH Marquam Hill's Traper of Turo SOM, LOM
AM CH Wagner's Vission of Wilverday
Tall Oak's Solar Flame DOM AM/CN CH Moon Valley's Solar Flare SOM
AM CH Dasel's Spring Fantasy
Glennroe Gypsy Rose AM CH Glennroe Rum Runner SOM AM CH Telstar's Front Runner SOM
Glennroe Elated Echo O Dolor
AM CH Glennroe Chardonnay AM CH Telstar's High Flyer SOM
AM CH Glennroe Alexandria DOM

Please take some time to look at Barclay’s pedigree. He has a long line of producers behind him. When we talk about producers we are referring to dogs or bitch’s who have produced champions and/or other producers. The American Boxer Club recognizes these producers by giving them three awards. The Sire of Merit award is a SOM and it is given to male dogs that have produced 7 or more champions. The Dam of Merit, DOM award is given to bitch’s who have produced 4 or more champions. The Legion of Merit, LOM is given to a SOM or A DOM who has four get who are also producers. I.E. have been awarded an SOM or a DOM.("C" " Cn" or "Can"denotes title in Canada)

This pedigree stuff can be a little confusing. Take a look at Barclay’s male line. This is the line at the top of his pedigree. His fathers line. Some pedigree aficionados place a great deal of importance on the male’s line. They also like to see a strong female line that is the bottom of the pedigree. Barclays’ sire is a SOM and the three males behind him are all SOM and LOM. Meaning that Barclay’s grandfather, Golden Haze Tuxedo produced seven plus champions and four of those also produced seven champions (for males) or four champions (for females.)Actually both Tuxedo and Linebacker produced over 40 champions each. Tuxedo (Bogey) is now the top all time producer in the history of the American Boxer Club.

Another interesting thing about this pedigree is the total number of SOM’s in the pedigree. In the four-generation pedigree there are 14 SOM males out of 15. Also there are five DOM. In the pedigree there are LOM’s. What does all this mean. Even to those who are interested in a pet. The quality of the dogs is important. You can pay the same amount of dollars for a poor quality boxer as you do for one that has been carefully bred. In this pedigree you can see, much time and effort devoted to producing many quality dogs.

Barclay has already taken steps on the road to following his illustrious ancestors. To date he has six champions. He has two more get who only need their second majors to finish. To date most of their points are owner handled. Hopefully with a lot of luck these dogs will also finish.

Often a great deal of money is required to properly promote a good stud dog. Unfortunately I do not have those resources. Hopefully his get will promote his accomplishments. The breeders who have recognized his qualities and his abilities to produce are those who breed to the dog and not the fame. We very much appreciate their confidence and willingness to give Barclay a chance.