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This web page is an artistic endeavor. It was designed to reflect the artistry of training, performing and breeding boxer dogs. Some pages are very picture rich and will load slowly. Your patience will be rewarded with good quality pictures.

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Information: Litters, Boxer Puppies, Adults & Rescue      



Updated 02.01.04

    Ch Glennroe Cosmic All Star 'Barclay'

       Barclay is the sire of six AKC Champions

                See their pages below


Barclay's Champions






            Ch Trifecta's Allegiance.......'Theo'





              Ch Trifecta's Alouette..........'Tiger Lilly'





             Ch Ellen's Alley Free Fall.......'Nelson'




Working Boxers Page

    Featuring Barclay's Performance Get





AM/CAN Ch Trifecta's Touch Gold SOM...'Derby'

                  Barclay's Fourth Champion & **some of his get**




Ch Trifecta's Winning Colors........'Lola'

     Barclay's Fifth Champion




    Ch Dornlea's Daring Damsel......'Punk'

                            Dam of Lola and Derby




   Am/Can Ch Heart Acres Millennium Two...Miles   





  Ch Trifecta's Private Gold Dornlea........Carson 






  Trifecta's Stargazer.................Cosmo

                       Published 2.20.03,Updated 4.2003



 Upcoming Page.....Updated April 2003

      Some of the rising stars that have accumulated    

      points toward  their championships  

        **(NEW Gwena's Picture)**


Updated 08.15.03    Fun Pictures Page

           Pictures of boxers, puppies and antics





  Occasionally I write stories about a dog. They are short and hopefully entertaining. If you see a Story link click on it to go to the story.


Informational Pages:       Updated 2.2003

 Do You Really Want To Own A Boxer?

      What you might be in for if you decide to acquire a boxer.

      (Includes some boxer pictures that show them like they are)



More Than OneUpdated 03.13.03

       Information regarding acquiring more than one puppy    




Updated 03.18.03

Picking a Puppy

      Information on how to pick the puppy for you




Boxer Health   ....................

A discussion of Boxer health issues & some suggestions to keep your dog healthy




Updated 07.18.03

   About Me                     A brief version



Showing Dogs In Performance or AKC Conformation Events





   Action shots of boxers competing in performance events



Boxer Training

          Explanation about training and more pictures




Update 6.2003


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The above link is a link to the official

TRAINING CENTER page and will take you away

 from The Trifecta Boxer Page


Updated 03.18.03


  A discussion of average costs. Puppies, Older dogs, Stud fees.

     (Not written in stone.)



Trifecta Foundation Story
    A brief history & pictures of dogs and activities that formed Trifecta                            


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