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Northwest Boxer Rescue has a lot of dogs located all over Washington and Oregon for more info go to this website.

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This is a referral service only. The dogs listed on these pages have not been prescreened for health, temperament or behavior problems. It is the responsibility of those who inquire about the dogs listed below to get all the information they can and be able to accept responsibility for their adoption of a specific dog without holding any other party responsible if there is a problem with the rescue.We ask for donations for all rescues but most especailly for the ones under the age of two.






Link to a video depicting more boxers being boxers.
Actually they are playing with an Elk.



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Whatever age or breed of dog you adopt.

Whether the dog is all ready trained or not.

TRAINING, with you, is the MOST IMPORTANT part of the adoption process.

A dedicated training program, whether it be with an instructor or dedicated training on your own, will help the bonding process. Training will help the dog learn how to understand what you want and the communication process will get off to a good start. Once you and your new friend are communicating your future together will be much brighter and your prospects of working & living together will be limitless. Rescue is a wonderful way to give a deserving dog a good home. But it is also a commitment. The dog will need leadership, training, discipline and, then and only then, your affection.
This means work

   Many of the boxers that wind up in rescue are there because of lack of training. Granted some, are there because of other circumstances.

   It is very very rare to see a nicely trained, well mannered boxer in rescue. For a variety of reasons the training efforts on the part of the former owner were not successful. Sometimes it isn't the owners fault. They may not have been prepared for the stubbornness or intelligence of the boxer. Or they may have been convinced certain "new way" training techniques would be sufficient for their boxer. The �all food� motivation way of training. The �lack of consequences� way of training sometimes lacks the necessary leadership a boxer needs to be a well mannered pet.

    Please interview the trainer you are going to train with. (Training your rescue dog should be a requirement.) Training, preferably with a private trainer but classes for sure if nothing else.

   Why not a class? Many boxers don�t do well in public classes. The boxer gets too distracted and cannot concentrate. If you are not successful in a class, don't give up. In a classroom situation many new owners end up spending lots of time trying to keep their boxers under control, therefore making the training a huge challenge. Dog training classes are not really a fair test of the abilities of any dog or owner. Private training sessions work really well

For more information please check out my training page.

  Brief summary of my training philosophy.  I use treats to teach. I don't believe in force training. I do not, however, use treats to eliminate behavior problems like jumping up, biting, barking, counter surfing, aggression. I do not use treats as a bribe for good behavior rather as a reward for good behavior.. There is a huge difference between reward based treat training and bribery. And, even for training there may be a point where the dog must learn the behavior is mandatory not optional... treat or no treat.

    updated October2020,


Apologies if any of these dogs are no longer available.
Unfortunately people don't always let me know their status.


PLACED...NOT Available

Five and a half year old Bella is a spayed boxer girl whose owner is losing her home. Her owner says, ""Bella is well-trained, knows all basic commands plus some tricks.  She is very mellow to the point that you can sometimes forget she�s in the room with you.  She is a solely indoor dog, is very potty trained (I don�t think she�d go in the house if she were left alone for days) is crate trained, does not bark, dig or destroy anything.  She loves anyone that will pet her and has a lovely outgoing personality." " Bella has had no health issues at all."Bella gets along with other dogs of all sizes and ages very well.Bella gets along wonderfully with children of all ages.      " Bella is an incredible girl.  She is a total DIVA and loves to dress up in dog coats or have her nails done.  She has a happy heart and does the �Boxer Dance� whenever we come home, even if we were only gone for a few minutes.  Bella knows when you�re sad and will do what she can to lift your spirits.  She knows she�s not supposed to lick faces, so she�ll lick the air in front of her while enjoying  a good scratch.  There is no limit to the love in this sweet girl." Bella is located in Eugene. Contact Trifecta Training Center at for more information. I answer all inquiries.

NOT Available 2.9.2011



SHE IS OBEDIENT ...but SHE IS VERY HIPER. Contact Pat Russell at for an application

Her adoption fee is $100.










Placed 12.13.2010

11 week old Blind fawn male. Pictures to follow soon. Rescued from the street. YEs, they can be trained. He all ready follows a voice. The blind and the deaf puppies train well with a vibration collar. Is it possible yes. They can be taught to tell you when they need to go outside without being able to see where they need to go. He is very cuddly and often blind puppies are very tuned in to keeping track of their people. Because he must have been blind from birth he will learn to adapt quicker to his surroundings. He is in the Portland area.

Contact Pat Russell, Trifecta Training Center,


       STATUS UNCONFIRMED SUPPOSEDLY PLACED UNABLE TO VERIFY..... Jodi is a 2 year old who gets along well with children and small dogs.  She knows some commands is crate trained, housebroken. She is spayed, chipped and up on her shots. She was having some issues with the other female cattle dog in the family. To other dogs she appears fine but may have some minor aggression issues. She seems calm not hper at all like some young boxers.  She is a very sweet affectionate girl.

Contact me Pat Russell at









Zoey is 4 years old and is spayed. (She is curently at Kill shelter in Corvallis) Below is the shelter evaluation.

"The people who surrendered her had her since she was a pup and just recently has become snippy at the older dog that lives with her and likes to bark at dogs and cats that walk past their house. The people lost there home and were afraid it would be harder to find a new home if they still owned her. They were going to have her euthanized but we felt that her issues could be dealt with. We did our evaluation on her and we saw no aggression with her toward people, her food and was appropriate with dogs, but given her history we cannot place her for adoption. She is super playful, wiggly and loves to give kisses, basically your typical Boxer.
Her surrender form said that she has lived with children, but did not list their ages. She is a little hesitant when meeting men, but the second they play with her and give her treats she is in their lap and wanting to play chase. She is crate trained and very housebroken. Her surrender form said that she becomes a guard dog at home and protects the house. She is a very gentle boxer that even when she gets excited she does not try to jump up on you and try to knock you down." 

Contact me Pat Russell at for a application and contact info. I am offering one free training session for her. I feel it is mandatory for her safe and appropriate adoption.

Status Unknown Not able to contact foster home
Two boxers who have been together for several years. A male and a four and one five. One white and the other fawn. Spayed and Neutered...Good with children and cats and other dogs. Nicely mannered. Pics may be available in a few days.
Contact Pat at I respond to all inquiries.



Alana Is a 4 year old spayed female. She was rescued by a private party who did not realize she could only have one dog. She all ready has a six month old boxer boy. Alana was pregnant when she was rescued. She was aggressive around children and her puppies which is really expected. Her former owners who did probably abuse her and definately neglectedd her said she did have some aggression issues.In spite of that she is loving and friendly with adults and supposedly other dogs. I (Trifecta Training Center offer a discount on training for all rescues.)

Contact Pat Russell, Trifecta Training Center

               for application.

             I respond to all inquires.





Bo is a Five year old boxer male. He is neutered, loving with people but not with other pets. He was left at a local boarding facility. They apparently want a $75 adoption fee. We don't normally advertise rescue who require adoption fees but I think this is to help pay for the cost of his care.



Contact :

John Archer at 541-688-3260 or









12 week old fawn puppy girl....located in Springfield

   She has no medical record, her health seems fine, her tail is not cropped
she was adopted from two college girls but the young man who adopted her cannot keep her.

Please write and request an application




Hello my name is Sasha, My family had to leave the US. So I am looking for my forever home. I love my Daddy here, but I do not do well with girl dogs, But I am fine with Boys. I live with my rescue family, but they have many dogs of their own. My goal in life is to be loved and lay on someone feet. I love Children. I live now, with a 13 year old girl and a ADHD 5 year old with no problems. I am very healthy 5 years old, spayed, and come with my own crate
and dishes, I am completely housebroken. I love to play with Doc and Puppy Rose. Please if you think I would be right for you call my now family.
Because they are looking for a special home for me. Did I tell you I like to open cupboard doors with my teeth, I am very smart. Please give me a look see. I will love you forever. Sasha.  
My Ph.No. is





Placed Aug 1, 2009

Caramel is a 15 month old fawn. His family is having difficulty caring for him with the current financial problems. He knows sit and stay and has some leash work. He is high energy. He is not yet neutered and the new people will be required to pay at least $75 as a deposit until he is neutered. It is recommended that there is a signed document that addresses his alteration and the deposit. 1926







Available April 23, 2009

    Toby a 13 month old neutered male. He is getting out of the back yard and causing trouble with the neighbor dog. His owner writes "we have had him since he was six weeks old.  He has always been crated and house-broken.  He walks on a leash, loves to fetch his duck, and he knows sit, down, crawl and we are working on stay.  He has been fixed and is up on all of his shots.  He has slept in his crate, but prefers to sleep next to our son on his own bed."

       Contact Lisa or Dirk at 503-371-8044






I have a 3 year old female boxer named Jasmin that is friendly and has tons of energy. Like a typical boxer, she wants to be around people as much as possible and will follow you everywhere in the house. She is very spoiled and wants to sit in your lap on the couch and sleeps in my bed every night.


She is not getting along with my other boxer and needs to be the only pet. She also needs to be �re-socialized� as I have kept her in my house and yard a lot as she does not get along with other dogs. She is not a dog for the dog park. She is very trainable for someone that has a lot of time to give her. She has been in a house with children before, but due to her strength and all her energy, it would probably be best to not be with young kids. She is house broken and spayed. She gets very excited when first meeting people.

Please email or call me if you are interested and explain your situation to me. I will not let her go to just any home.


Please note this boxer girl needs training both for her bonding, obedience and socialization.  Securely fenced yard mandatory.


 I am in need of finding my three female spayed Boxers a home. We had to sell our home and are now living in a 21 foot trailer. We are in a situation that we don't know where we will be living next. My girl's are very insecure and we just don't have the room for them. Their names are; McKennah (Fawn ~ which will be 5 on Dec. 17th) Her daughter Bree (Brown/Brindle which will be 3 on January 16th) and our Rescue before we sold our home, Bailey (White ~  which we were told is 5 years old.)


   Bree 3 yr old Spayed female      McKennah 5 yr spayed female


This is a Mother and Daughter It would be best if these two girls could go together.

Bailey Spayed Female approx 5 yrs old



not available

Kona (Bend Oregon) my purebred female Boxer needs a new home, I am moving and I can not take her with me. She must be the only dog in the house, she likes to be right by you at all times. Ideally she would be best with a family with older children that will play with her. She likes to sleep next to you in bed, and play. My 12 yr old son plays with her all the time. I have spent some time with a professional trainer she knows sit, lay, stay, shake, and roll over. She needs someone who can continue to work with her. Please call me for more details. I will give her to the right home. Kona will come with a extra large kennel, food bowl, food, collar and leash. Please help me re-home Kona

Sarah Vaughn


Central Oregon, 40 mile East of Bend Mindy was a one year old breed dog living in filth in a box with room only to stretch and poop. Mindy's a sweet dog but needs a family that can work with her. She chases cats, chases cows and killed a chicken. She is going to be spayed and she weighs about 40 pounds. She was a rescue so it is unknown how she is with children but she would be best with adults or older children and no other dogs atleast until she has been properly trained and learned some social skills.

Contact Ole at:

Placed June 10, 2008 Male, fawn, neutered. Found wondering in Bend area. (Prineville) Young probably around a year (guestimate only.) Seems good around other dogs but is protective of his food with dogs. Good around strangers...good on leash. Knows "sit."

Placed June 7, 2008 Two boxers at Lane County Animal Regulation one female one male. Both fawn both uncropped. The male is neurtered and he weighs 65 pounds friendly and alert.� He appears to be quiet but also independent and can be dominant toward other dogs.� The female is full of life, she is a very happy dog friendly, alert and quiet.� She is 50 pounds.











Placed April 2008

Duke is about four years old. His family has to move and they cannot take him where they are going. He is well mannered around other animals. Current vaccines. Ok with cats and other dogs. Loves people and is good around children. He does have a partially torn cruciate ligament that is ok but requires some meds occasionally.

Message from Duke: Let me tell you what I am looking for in my best friend. I love men that want to play ruff and sleep hard I am a boxer and that is what I live for. If you have a yard even better. I like kids but love older ones that can hold their own with me. I am cool with other animals I do love being around people more. So if you are single and need a friend I am your guy. A family would be even better. Please help me out here and make my mommy feel better about having to give me up.

Contact My People at Carrie

Dec 2007 Nine Month old males both neutered, good with cats, kids and dogs. Current vaccines. Need training.

Also there are several new rescues in the Portland area both male and female.

Also a 2-3 year old fawn male. Contact Jaque see email above.

Contact Jaque at 503-628-5428

Traveler Placed

Traveler is ten months old, very active, needs training. He is crate trained. He knows sit and down but needs work on leash and manners. He is good with children but a little too much with younger children. He is good with other dogs. He is good with cats but plays too hard. He is a typical well bred, good looking boxer who was not given enough training in the beginning. Please write to for an application.

October 11, Update....Carter is improved greatly after three visits to the PT.
October 2, 2007

Male 10 Months Old.: Carter is a very sweet male boxer who is currently at Greenhill Humane Society. He has a medical problem that is causing him not to be able to control himself when it comes to defecating. He is a little unsteady in his hind quarters. Probably associated with the problem . It is  not known for sure what is causing the problem. He has visited South Hills Physical Therapy Clinic twice and they feel the problem can be fixed. And they are willing to do the work for free. I have been working with a therapist at the clinic for a couple of years both with my own back problems and with some of my dogs. They are very very good. The problem is we need a home or a foster home for him in the Eugene Springfield area. The foster home or forever home would need to be able to get him to the PT Clinic for his sessions approx every other week or as available.  They are working him in when they have an availability. He is a happy sweet natured guy and that is why we with boxer rescue and Greenhill and South Hills PT clinic are doing everything we can to get him well. But we need help. Even help getting him to his sessions would be appreciated. He does ok riding in a crate.  Contact Ashlee at Greenhill 689-1503  ext 116. Or contact me Pat Russell, Trifecta Boxers & Training Center 541-935-0112.  To his forever home he comes with two free private training sessions here at Trifecta.

October 5, Male,PLACED Forest Is between 3-5 years old. He is a friendly and very social guy. He is ok with children, cats and other dogs. He is a lean 59 pounds and although not mentioned in his bio he has probably(?) been neutered. He is currently in the Troutdale Animal Shelter. This is a Kill Shelter and hopefully Forest will have about ten days.

Contact INFO:

Adoptions are on first come, first serve basis. Apply in person at the Animal Shelter
Shelter Hours: 11:00AM-6:00PM Tuesday,Thursday,and Friday,
12:00PM-6:00PM Wednesday, 11:00AM-4:30PM Saturday & Sunday , Closed Monday and Holidays
Telephone : (503)988-7387 10:30AM-5:00PM Monday,Tuesday,Thursday,and Friday,
12:00PM-5:00PM Wednesday
Shelter Location: 1700 W Columbia River Hwy, Troutdale, OR 97060
Mailing Address: PO BOX 698, Troutdale,OR 97060



September 1, 2007

Molly is a 10 month old flashy brindle spayed boxer, Born: 10-26-06,AKC registerable (papers available to fill out).One owner has had her since 7 weeks of age. Molly gets along exceptionally well with a 5 year old female boxer, and is submissive to two female 1.5 year old boxers.
1. She sits on command, will "stay" if not distracted. She goes into her kennel on command (likes treat once inside).
2. Understands "no" or "leave it".
3. Comes to clicker sound (in fenced back yard - not trained to open area).
4. Barks or goes to back door when needs to potty. 
1. Gets excited with newcomers and will jump up; stays off people who make it clear "no jump". 2. Chews a lot - please provide toys; must reinforce "no" or "leave it" with items you don't want touched, like shoes. 3. Walks on leash without pulling if you use a pinch collar. Anticipate with training she will not pull with regular (slip) collar.
Medical: Spayed at 6 months. Current on all puppy vaccines (x 3 doses), bordatella and rabies. Only chronic condition is mild urge incontinence which is controlled with medication [Oxybutinin 5 mg twice a day; costs $10.00/month at Costco; can probably stop it at 1.5years of age].
Personality: Energetic, playful, very intelligent and learns quickly. 
Meals: Fed twice a day:  Mixture of 1.25 cups dry NutroMax lamb and rice kibbles, and 1/4 can of Science Diet lamb & rice moistened with warm water at each meal.It is possible with a change in diet the urgency condition will go away faster.And she can come off the meds quicker.
Molly loves: Walks - anytime, Ride in car, Tug of war games, Tummy rubs
Molly needs more training as she can be other dog aggressive when on leash and meeting strange dogs. Molly has not been around cats. She likes children but will jump up on them without adult supervision. She comes with three free training sessions here at Trifecta Training Center. She is with her owner in Portland but the training is here in the Eugene Oregon area.

Contact by email:












August 15, 2007
Katie is one year and eight months.  She was born on new years.  Her ears are not cropped.  She is brindle with white chest and paws.  She is spayed with a chip.  She is crate trained.  She chases cats but does not hurt them.  We have two cats.  She tends to dominate other dominant dogs by holding them down.  She plays loud but she has never hurt another dog.  She is up to date with he shots.    She has had this year's rabies shot.  We did purchase her from a breeder and we have her papered info.All of her training has been at home basic skills sit, come, laydown, no, down, and she is house and vehicle trained.



Katie is being rehomed because she is showing aggression toward the children. She would require dedicated training to make sure this behavior is eliminated and it is suggested she not be placed with people with young children. Or be exposed to children before she has been trained and tested.











Male, older, neutered, fawn in Lane County Animal Control. This is a kill shelter. He has been there since July 20. See him at this link:
Available Aug 2007 Misty is one year old, shots, spayed, gets along with other dogs. She is close to completing a training course and will be able to get her
Canine Good Citizenship Cert. She is located in La Grande.

Phone: 541 962 3328
Fax: 541 962 3873



Placed (July) with an older lady and her son. They are coming to training here at Trifecta and have a great start on signals and other training techniques for deaf dogs. June 19 ... Darling white female in Clackamas Shelter. She is deaf 2- 3 years old. Has a very cute personality. Dog Services Phone: (503) 655-8628
Emerg Phone: (503) 655-8211
Address: 2104 Kaen Road.
Oregon City, OR 97045

If you rescue this girl I will offer two free training sessions for her here at Trifecta Training Center.

Placed...9.11.06 ... Young Male ...



20 months old, fawn, neutered, has had some training. Weight around 65# slightly underweight but will fill out more. Must have fenced back yard. He is going to need some training before he is trustworthy around other stange dogs. He comes with three free, hour and a half training sessions with Trifecta Training Center. He is good around school age children. Has not been exposed to younger children. He sleeps loose in the house on his bed. Contact Bill 503-398-6260.Tillamook area transport available.



Placed... 7.26.2006...Bend. Zeeba is a female fawn brindle (moderately flashy) 16 mo. old boxer, approx. 45# and has a docked tail and natural ears, spayed, vax'd She is a very sweet girl and is good with other dogs---male or female, and children, but typical of the breed, would like to chase cats.(This is common for boxers and can be eliminated with training.) Her training has been very limited, but she is a very quick learner and is quiet and good in a crate. She is very high energy and would make someone a super running partner. She is shy around new people (especially men) but soon warms up and is learning to love affection. Marnie.. 541 385-9110 in the evenings (work), or at

AVAILABLE 4.26.2006



 Hunter is a 6 yr old spayed female. She is great with children and is trained. She comes when called does sit, down and stay. She has good manners around home. She is a dominant girl and would not do well with another adult dominant dog. Contact Pat 541.935.0112







3.22.2006 Placed

RC is about 3 years old, fawn, neutered boxer male.  He weighs 49# of average boxer size. He is very very underweight at this time. He is a sweet affectionate boxer. He is good with other dogs and seems fine with an older child and maybe fine with yougner as well. He has had all his shots and has had regular vet visits.



    RC is approximately

      three years old

   He is gaining weight now that he is getting good food and proper care.




2.20.2006 Placed

Sam is a 17 month old red fawn, neutered boxer male.  He weighs 71# of average boxer size. He is a sweet guy. At first assessment he does not seem to be a dog that jumps up on people. He is not a hyper dog. He knows sit and seems cooperative around the house. When walking on leash he seems to be reserved, and with out meeting other dogs he doesn't pull. He really wants a family of his own. He has had all his shots, worming and has been well taken care of. He sleeps quietly in a crate. He is the most attractive boxer I have ever rescued. He isn't aggressive around my dogs. It is unknown how he is with cats and children but he is very mild mannered. He doesn't seem aggressive at all but was allowed to run and was chasing livestock.










Placed 11.22.2005
Brindle male moderately flashy, 1 year old, neutered, uncropped, 55 pounds, needs training, walks on leash but is a very active one year old. Has current shots...Contact Valjean 541.345.5059 or 541.484.0271

11.11.2005 Available Portland area, five year old white male. Nicely mannered will need to be neutered. call Karen 503.654.7661

  Name: Big Max
  Code Number: 33269  Added: 7/30/2005   Adoption Fee: $150
Breed: Boxer/Purebred    Pattern: None     Color: tri colour/
Gender: Male     

Age:   6 Yr    

Weight: 58 lbs 5 oz

Shelter location: Dog Yellow Pod

 Kennel: 4

Big Max is an active and playful dog even missing one leg. His right front foot was broken upon arrival. We sent him to NPAH and they were unable to repair it and had to amputate the leg. Big Max is an intelligent dog that responds very well to training. He does pull when walked on leash. Big Max will need a home with no cats. The home that fostered him during his recovery had cats and he kept trying to chase after them. He will make someone a great indoor companion dog.

Oregon Humane Society | Email OHS
shelter location: 1067 NE Columbia Blvd.
Max has been placed
mailing address: PO Box 11364, Portland, OR 97211-0364
voice (503) 285-7722, fax (503) 285-0838
hours for viewing: M - S 10 - 7, Sun 12 - 7
hours for adoptions: M - S 10 - 6:30, Sun 12 - 6:30

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Available Unknown June 4, 2005
White female, black nose, blue eyes, two and a half years old, trained: come.. sit.. down.. walking on leash and Crate. Spayed, uncropped very friendly but does not get along with owners other female. Contact Ruth at 541-461-2843

Fawn male, neutered, uncropped, 4 years old, knows basic commands, walks on leash without pulling, well mannered, good with other dogs, good with people, maybe dominant with small children. In Medford. Contact Pat Russell 541-935-0112.


White female, one year old, high energy, some Karen Churchill 503-654-7661.


'Nuff" Five year old golden brindle male. Trained, cropped, good around children, Aggressive with cats, female dog ok. Contact Karen Churchill, 503-654-7661.


(Placement unknown)'Olive' Brindle female spayed, uncropped, three years old. Needs training. Has not been around enough children to know whether she can adapt to kids. She is aggressive with other dogs and cats. She needs a secure fenced yard. She is very sweet tempered but needs lots of attention.Contact 541-689-8703




Older Fawn boxer girl is currently in the Salem shelter. This information was sent to us by a friend of boxers.

Click on the link to go to her page.

Fawn Boxer Girl



Placed May 18, 2004

Very sweet black face fawn male. Uncropped, unneutered 8 year old. Is in good health. Owner is in a divorce situation and having surgery and cannot continue to care for the dog.

Keep in touch with your local humane societies.


for an application and more information

         Mission Statement to Interested Boxer Owners

         This rescue effort is a referral service for those who are interested in adopting a boxer dog who needs a home.

      A service to help boxers find good permanent homes. 

   Until recently we had a wonderful lady who was our rescue coordinator. She has had some personal problems and cannot do rescue full time anymore. So Karen Churchill and I, with the help of others, interested in helping boxers who don�t have homes, are going to try to fill in for her. This will not be easy for us. We all have very busy lives. 

  We will attempt to screen potential dogs and owners as best we can by phone.  The final determination of the correct dog will have to be done by the family that is considering adopting the dog.

   We appreciate the cooperation and patience of those interested in adopting a boxer. This includes keeping  us informed.

 Please read some of the requirements for adoption.

  1 A willingness to train the boxer regardless of how well the dog is all ready trained.

  2 A secure fenced enclosure of at least 6 feet in height.

  3 Appropriate time to devote to the dog

  4 A desire & financial ability to provide a secure loving home. This includes, but is not limited to,  veterinary care as needed & yearly checkups. Spay or neuter.

   We will endeavor to place dogs without putting them in a foster situation. For this reason we will not be doing an evaluation of their temperament. Those who get a referral from us will have to assess, on their own, whether the dog is appropriate for their families.


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