Summer 2007 Jester finishes Companion Dog Obedience Title....Intorducing Lilly, Trifecta's, first hearing service dog....June 2007 Ricky & Charlene...Capture New Rally Excellent Title....(pics below)

Dedicated to Oly, Bru, Kona, Elsa ,Jedi and Merlin

   It takes hours and hours of training and dedication to get a performance title on a dog. All the dogs below are out of Ch Glennroe Cosmic All Star, Barclay.
Or they are out of a Barclay son or daughter.

Trifecta's Simply Stellar CGC, RA, NJP, NAP, TN-N
sire: Ch Glennroe Cosmic All Star  dam: Trifecta's Abracadabra Dornlea
New NADAC  Agility title  18.9 sec.

May 2006

Trifecta's Jumanji at Shady Creek CD, RA

Bronte and Linda have accomplished quite a lot in a short period of time. She is the first title holder for her sire and dam. She has also been shown in conformation. Bronte and Linda are  working  on the next level of obedience and the next level of her rally titles.



sire: Am/Can Ch Heart Acres Millenium Two (Miles)
dam: Ch Trifecta's Winning Colors (Lola) Barclay daughter

Many of these dogs have attained a performance title, and, are contributing to the community. The therapy dogs visit hospitals and rest homes every week.

   Ricky has completed his American Kennel Club "CD" This is the first level obedience title, that of "companion dog." This title requires a dog obtain a score of 170 of 200 possible points. Pass all of the seven exercises (including the dreaded "heeling off leash") at three different shows. Ricky recently completed his first agility title. Ricky has been a "certified therapy dog" for some time and works as a demo dog to help train new therapy dogs.

Delta Society requires each dog be recertified (tested for a varity of situations and skills)every two years. Ricky & Charlene recently recertified at the highest level for a therapy dog.

Ricky completes RE (AKC Rally Excellent Title)

certified therapy dog complex is a good place to find information on therapy dogs. In general a dog has to have good obedience skills, down, sit, come, heel, wait, stand for an overall exam, etc.  Also there are aptitudes, politely taking a treat from a stranger, allowing exuberant petting, no reactions to yelling people or noise, being bumped from behind. Walking sedately through a crowd, including people in wheelchairs and sedately greeting a stranger and strange dog. The AKC "canine good citizen" (CGC) test is similar in requirements.  

 In addition to his therapy work Ricky is now competing in agility, tracking and obedience. He is close to finishing additional titles in four different venues. On the left click on the thumbnail to see Ricky coming out of the tunnel. On the right the A Frame. These are two of many agility obsticles. Below Ricky qualifies with a good score and some great first places.             




Trifecta's Simply Stellar CGC, RA, NJP, NAP, TN-N

Stella has her CGC title.
Congratulations to Stella Bella first time in the agility ring and a qualifying run.
October 2006

Stella was shown in the conformation ring as a puppy and she was not stellar, to put it mildly. We didn't realize it then but Miss Stella has a real mind of her own. (Much like a lot of boxers.)
Conformation was not Stella's thing. She hated it and it showed. She is extremely demonstrative. But give her a task and she is amazing. She is extrmemly smart and works happy and fast in her performance activities.

Stella & Ricky are owned and trained by Charlene G.

To see more action shots click the Boxer Action link below.

Boxers are an extremely sensitive breed. They mirror our emotions. They sense things we do not. They see through to the soul of the people they meet.  They are very devoted to the people they love. As adults they have an uncanny ability to sense the fragility of young children and the physically handicapped and the frailty of the elderly. This is the reason they make great therapy dogs.

  However their sensitivity can be a curse to those of us who live with them. They often mirror our feelings. When someone they love goes away, they mourn. And, they donít do it subtly. Some stop eating, some wonít come out of their crates, some continue to look for the one that is missing.  Some actually get physically ill. Most become despondent. This can make for an extremely depressing environment.

LRM Cosmic Rendevouz


Brooks has his "therapy dog" title.

Brooks is owned by LRM Boxers

  Boxers make great agility dogs. They are extremely intelligent and learn fast. They are very athletic and love the challenge of the obstacles in the agility course. This type of activity demonstrates why they make great search and rescue dogs. They seem to look at the world as a puzzle. A puzzle they need to solve. Combine their intelligence, athletic ability, stubbornness and fearlessness and you have the right ingredients for a dog that can really work. Now, if the work involves extremes of temperature or water you could have a problem. Many donít like the water. They can swim. But it isnít pretty and they tire quickly. Yet they do not give up. That doesnít seem to be in their program. We have to think for them and protect them. They do not always take our judgment as the bottom line. If they donít agree they may well go ahead and do it their way. I have personally experienced boxer judgment that was actually better than my own. I have also experienced boxer judgment that has been just plain defiant.

Trifecta Boxers is extremely proud of our working boxers.


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