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Trifecta's Heart Acre Pictionary... 'Yvette'

Trifecta's We Got Color Heart Acre ...'Moochacha'

Ch Trifecta's Winning Colors...'Lola'..dam of 'Moochacha' and 'Yvette'

  Grandmother .'.Punk'

Ch Dornlea's Daring Damsel (Lola's dam)


**** **** ****

Boxers enjoying the cool winter sunshine.




The baby sitters ....grandparents Barclay and Punk  on left.

Uncle Carson on the right.













Jazzy (8 wks) Investigates A Stranger





Barclay with his ball at 9 weeks.


Barclay with his toy at 4 months.

Barclay & Pups

Barclay and two 7 week old puppies from his first litter. He was rescued before they inflicted serious damage. He apparently was not going to do anything but watch as they tried to dismantle him.

Lola & Logan

Logan Russell Hurliman
“We miss you so much”

Lola in her favorite spot on the couch with nephew Logan.

Tiger, Dusty & Theo

Tiger on the Left and Theo on the right

Karmel's Wildflower CGC, "Dusty" is pictured with her two champion kids.


Lola makes a new bed while her mother Punk, Ch Dornlea's Daring Damsel wonders what in the world she is up to now.


Lola, Ch Trifecta's Winning Colors, finds a comfortable out of the way spot.

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