Two vs. one. Some think if they get two puppies, one will keep the other company and they will not get lonely. This is probably true.  But if they are both very close in age, or worse from the same litter, they will likely bond to each other and not to their new owners. If you want two well adjusted puppies, of the same age, you need to keep them apart for most of their puppy hood. Kind of defeats the purpose.

    One is a lot of work, two is five times the work. Two help each other find ways to get into trouble. When one does something wrong and you don't see it you don't know who did it. Who do you correct? Ultimately they get away with the bad behavior. It is much better for most people to get one puppy and train that one. After the first one is trained then get another. Then of course you must train the new one. At the same time give the original a lot of attention so there is no jealousy.

     However, I do believe having multiple dogs is a lot of fun. Boxers are very funny together and you can never have too many clowns.













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