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Information From Trifecta Boxers
located Veneta, Oregon (near Eugene)

 updated October 2020

There is an organization in the Pacific Northwest ...Northwest Boxer Rescue..good place to find a lot of wonderful boxers needing homes.

She is a very cudley sweet girl. She is crate trained, comes when called, knows sit and walks on leash. She is quite layed back but loves to play in spurts.
write for application
In the email address above,there is an underscore between trifecta and training and training and ctr.


Bridgett has been placed with Nicole and Courtney and their older boxer girl Tuskie in Idaho.

Sire: Ch Glennroe Cosmic All Star      Dam: Trifecta's Celebration of Dornlea
whelped May 2010

For Sale March 2013 SOLD

Pet/Companion Dog fully trained

Bridgett is a sweet, playful, loving, active and silly girl. She was trained for a client with hearing challenges but the financing did not become available for that person to purchase her. She will need some work in exposure to city life if that is her ultimate destination. Buyers must be willing to come here to pick her up. We are located just outside of Eugene, Oregon. Her price as a working dog was $5000. Now she needs a loving companion home and her price as a pet is $1500.

She knows sit, walk on leash without pulling, come when called. She is crate trained, housebroken, and is very affectionate and loves to learn new things.  She is also an amazing retriever, for a boxer.  She comes with a free training session. For application write to or call 541.935.0112.




Trifecta's Ice Dancing

Whitney has gone to live with a wonderful family in Portland, Oregon. They report she is doing great.

Whitney is a one year old female, partially trained. Sits. down, come and walking on leash without pulling. Good house dog but very active. Good around children and other dogs. Whitney's puppy pics are below with her litter. Her puppy name was Winnie.

Sire: Dornlea's Enough Said Gold       Dam: Trifecta's Heartacre Yahtzee


Contact Pat Russell, Trifecta Boxers
541-935-0112 or email:


Below is a link which goes to the Trifecta Training Center Page. This page targets all breed training. It is extremely important for you to start training your puppy early. If you adopt an adult dog, even one with some training, additional training will help the bonding process and teach the dog to respond to you.



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Email is proving, once again, to be very unreliable.
If you do not get an answer to an email you have  sent, please follow up with a phone call.



If you are interested in purchasing an adult or a puppy from me or  breeder I might refer you to, please read the page I have done on "COSTS."  We breed for quality. We do not have a lot of litters.








Lilly was adopted by Liz in Hawaii. In late May, Lilly & Liz boarded a jet to Oahu. She got to fly in style with the people. She is continuing her work as a Hearing Service Dog.

Sire: Derby, Am/Can Ch Trifecta's Touch Gold Dam: Gwena, Ch Na' Arans Heart Acre O'Burks


Above Lilly at her new owners wedding.
She continues her duties as a hearing service dog and is making everyone very proud of her. Service dogs are allowed everywhere. She is having great fun in her new Hawaii home, visits the beach and goes everywhere with Liz and family. Lily is a credit to service dogs and especially the boxer breed as well as Trifecta Boxers.
Lilly adoptions particulars, crate trained and sleeps quietly in her crate at night and during the day if she cannot be out. She is extremely well mannered in the house. She is really good around children. She sits, downs, comes, walks sedately & proudly on leash. She knows "off" "no" and how to go and retrieve things. She is clicker trained and target trained. She is extremely willing to learn and one of the most agreeable boxers I have ever known. She has an amazing apptitude to work and to please. She is an extremely eye catching, attractive and exceptional boxer girl.





Latifah has gone to live with her new family in Montana
She has a six year old girl to play with;
They report things are going great.

Sire: Derby, Am/Can Ch Trifecta's Touch Gold Dam: Gwena, Ch Na' Arans Heart Acre O'Burks

Latifah is another great example of a well trained boxer girl making a great family dog. She is making Trifecta Boxers proud just as are all our other great placements.
Latifah specifics, she is trained, walks on leash proudly and sedately, sits, downs, and comes on command. She is crate trained and sleeps the night in her crate and will also be quiet in her crate for short stays during the day.  She is well mannered in the house and when not playing with other dogs goes and finds a toy and amuses herself.. She is willing to learn and very affectionate and funny.

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click on link below

Trifecta Foundation Story
My Credentials
A brief history & pictures of dogs and activities that formed Trifecta Boxers


Trifecta Dogs Are Home Raised

What does this mean?

It means they all have house time. They are not just in a kennel. They have a huge fenced area to exercise in. They sleep in the house. Some in their crates and some with me in the bedroom.

They are born in a quiet room in the house. They have a big exercise pen 5 x 10 in the family room for their daytime play area. Then they return to their whelping box and exercise area in the quiet room where they were born. By going back and forth between the two play areas they start learning to come at about 4 weeks. They get exposure to sights and sounds during the day.
It costs a lot of money to home raise a puppy. The health checks, proper breeding practices and early training all take enormous time and money.

My dogs are raised in a chemical free environment. Dogs absorb everything through their paws. They suck in lawn chemicals, garden fertilizers and diseases. The constant exposure to these things may be causing the lowering of the immune system. A lower immune system cannot fight disease or cancer. I believe dogs are being exposed to too many chemicals and that is why some boxers are succumbing to cancer at very young ages.

The older puppies I sell, are trained to walk proudly and sedately by your side. Walk through crowds and around other dogs without lunging or pulling on the leash or whining and barking. They know �sit� and �down� and �wait.� They are house trained. They sleep quietly in their crates at night or when you are gone. They have manners. They do not bite or nip at your clothes. They do not jump on counters. They allow you to trim their nails, clean their teeth and ears, without a fuss. They are encouraged to use their innate guard instincts to give warning barks but are trained not to be overtly aggressive. They are awesome security dogs. They know the difference between a chew toy and furniture. They have had all their shots,(rabies if over a year old) and health checks.

All dogs and puppies I place go to their new homes with a money back guarantee for a trail period. They bond easily and quickly to their new people. I do encourage further formal training to help the bonding process and to teach the puppy who is the alpha and who to respect. I am always available for questions from my clients and have saved many people from needless worries and countless veterinary expenses.



For years I have received emails from heart broken people who have lost their beloved boxers. As a breeder I have tried to pay close attention to health issues. I have been able to derive some insights to health issues. For many years I was encouraged to make these insights available to everyone. Of course, all who buy a puppy or dog from me get all this information. I try to keep informed about the newest information on health problems, as well as how to keep our boxers healthy. So click on the link below and read the information I have gathered. These are insights. Based on experience and knowledge gleaned from friends as well as my own boxers. They are not based on scientific research, as I am far from a scientist.

[ Boxer Health ]






E-mail Trifecta Boxers


telephone 541-935-0112.




I do answer all emails so don't hesitate to try the alternate.
E-mail can sometimes be unreliable.
If you have sent an application, and not received a response from me, please send another email or call.

Please be sure to read the rest of the information on this page and our other pages.


These boxers went to their new families as trained young adults.

Fawn Girl

Trifecta's Heart Acre Pictionary


Evie is now living with her new family in Idaho

dam: Ch Trifecta's Winning Colors sire: Ch Heart Acres Millenium Two

Evie is wonderful example of her breed. At eight months she is of average size for a female, has beautiful red fawn coat color & perfect markings. She is crate trained, house broken and walks on leash without pulling. She is confident and outgoing. She has a calm temperament and is very very sweet and loving. She is available to an pet home as a pet or performance dog.

"We are really enjoying Evie. She is such a joy and we have had no problems. I think it is a blessing that I found you on the internet. Please keep in touch as will I. Thank you"

"Please feel free to put my note and her picture on your page.  I have soooo many people who stop us and tell us what a beautiful good dog she is and of course they ask where we found her.  I tell them from a very good trainer kinda breeder in Eugene, Oregon.  Then they ask is she going to have any more litters?"

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Trifecta's Jazz E Heart Acre

sire: Ch Glennroe Cosmic All Star   dam:Ch Na Aran Heart Acre O'Burks

Barclay & Gwena

click on links above to see sire and dam.

Jazzy has found her special place in this world and is now living with her new family in Portland.

Jazzy is a sweet lovable boxer girl. She is 13 months old and a strikingly beautiful flashy brindle. She has a soft temperament and is not hyper like a lot of boxers at this age. She is also crate trained, walks on a leash without pulling, has had some training in therapy work. She is a very quiet house dog and if she cannot be right with her person or family she just goes and finds a toy or something to keep busy with.

Letters From Jazzy

Day 1:..... "Well Mom I made it to the city. You won't believe it but they have stairs in the city. Haven't quite made an attempt yet, but the day is still young. I am currently in my new chair, of course my new Dad is in it too. His tummy makes a nice cushion though. We went for a little walk and I saw all kinds of furry little creatures scampering about. We had dinner... We had all kinds of visitors too. They all came to see me and tell me how pretty I am. K and M are going to bed pretty soon so my Dad said I can stay up and watch a movie with him. Just wanted you to know that I am doing good and you shouldn't worry because I think they really like me. I will write more when I can. Love, Jazzy"

Day 2:.... "Dear Mom, I remembered the stairs. I am the stair master! My day started off with my new lady and me waking everyone up. That was a fun treat. The day went down hill from there. I have had my face washed, M. tried to put lotion on my head, and everyone thinks I take up too much room on the couch. They tell me I have to share:( And, the worst of all is, I think M. has forgotten my name. She keeps calling me " the little toddler" I went for a short walk again today, this time around the lake. We saw ducks, squirrels, and an occasional cat. We also went accessory shopping for me today.... While I was there I made friends with the cutest little Italian Greyhound name Roscoe! Well, I better go. M's bed-time timer just went off which means I get the couch back!
Don't worry about me I am doing all the things you taught me to do. I am the perfect princess! Jazz-a-roo"



Red Brindle Male



Trifecta's Heart Acre ChessMaster

The Chessman is now living with his new family in Portland

sire: Ch Heart Acre Millenium Two, dam: Ch Trifecta's Winning Colors

Miles & Lola

click on links above to see sire and dam.

Chester is all boy. At ten months of age he is busy and happy and very active. He is a sweet dog. He is very tall and going to be a big boy. He is crate trained and walks calmly on leash. He is now living with a wonderful family in Portland.

Comments from Chester's new family

.......I especially appreciated your honest assessment of Chester�s personality and development � I know that we have a fair amount work to do during his transition to our home and after, but I feel relieved to know that I can use you as a resource.  It�s obvious in seeing you with your dogs how much you really know and love them � I want to assure you that we are committed to providing Chester with the very best home environment and all of the love that we can.  I don�t think we could have found a better dog and breeder to develop a relationship with � we feel very fortunate to have come across you and Chester.

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Boxer puppies from Trifecta usually cost more than a puppy from other breeders or single home breeders. All Trifecta puppies are home raised. Although we may list more than one litter on our new puppy page,  there is only one here at Trifecta. Puppies start learning as early as the day they start eating solid foods. Puppies older than eight weeks have begun formal training.
Often times our stud dogs are used on other bitch's and we announce those litters as well as our own.  Why are our puppies more expensive? Trifecta does not produce very many litters. The focus is on quality not quantity. The breedings are carefully planned often when the bitch is very young. She is then campaigned or worked in obedience, therapy or performance, until she reaches a point in her career where it is timely for her to have puppies. After the necessary health checks and, predicated on the necessity for a new litter here at Trifecta, she is bred to the appropriate stud dog. Initially the purpose of the breedings are to obtain a new show puppy at Trifecta.

    The requirements for breeding are good health, temperament and structure.  We breed for show, performance, therapy and pet/companion dogs. There are almost always nice pet/companion puppies in every litter we have.

All prospective puppy owners are screened carefully. The puppies are guaranteed against genetic health defects. After the puppy is adopted a money back guaranteed is offered in case the family finds the dog not appropriate, within the first few days, or not what they wanted. (this has never happened) Puppies leave with a puppy packet including heath record (all puppies have at least one shot and three wormings). Also a pedigree, seven page handbook on training, puppy instructions and problem solver. Registration papers are withheld until the buyer is satisfied with the puppy.  All puppy buyers are welcome to call with questions at any time in the dogs life.

  Trifecta has been breeding for over ten years. Before that many performance dogs and champions made Trifecta home. Trifecta is not a breeding kennel. It was officially established as a kennel in 1995. Before 1995 Trifecta was home to some wonderful pet and obedience competition boxers.  It is now home and training center for conformation, performance and therapy dogs. To date Trifecta has only produced eleven litters. Three obedience titled dogs,  bred four conformation champion boxers, and made a total of ten champions.

Below are many links to informational and individual pages on the Trifecta Boxer Web page. Many have complimented on all the information so please take some time to read especially the informational pages. Especially if you are thinking of adopting a boxer.

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